Akabou Daikou - Will Pick You Up and Drive Car Home

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Akabou Daikou is a driver agency.  They will pick your car up, and drive you, and the car home for a reasonable fee.


When you drink alcohol and can not drive, or when driving is uneasy due to poor physical condition, a service that carries you and the car to your place instead. That is driving agency.

Drive substitution project began to emerge around the 1980's when penalties due to drunk driving became severe due to revision of the Road Traffic Law, but in most of the cases the means of transportation was done in the main region of the car. However, as the penalty for drunk driving has become more severe in recent years, the driver who lives in the city center has become very high demand for driving agency, and the number of traders is increasing rapidly.

Due to frequent traffic accidents caused by drunk driving, by using driving agency, the incidence rate can be reduced considerably. For a driver who likes sake, this service is very convenient, but is not there some people staying in use for reasons such as no trader found, late coming?

Driving agency is useful for a small scene of living such as business scene and private time.

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