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Mount Kagami, with its height of 284 meters above sea level, is famous as a spot for taking in spectacular views of Karatsu city right below, as well as Japan's famous Nishi-no-Matsubara, Karatsu bay and even Iki Island of neighboring Nagasaki prefecture on clear days. The winding, 5 km road leading to the top of Mount Kagami is known as a favored drive spot. There are many legends which surround Mount Kagami, and it is even mentioned in Manyoshu, (The Anthology of Myriad Leaves) which is the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry. The name Mount Kagami, which means "mirror" in Japanese, is said to have come from Empress Jingu enshrining a mirror at the summit.
One of the Mount Kagami legends is the legend of Princess Sayo Matsura. Princess Sayo is said to have waved goodbye to her beloved Otomo no Sadehiko as he embarked for the Korean Peninsular from the top of Mount Kagami. She waved her "hire", a shawl-type cloth which women wore in those days, so the mountain is also known as "Hirefuri-yama" or literally, "hire waving mountain". Watada of Karatsu city is known as the place where Princess Sayo ran down the mountain chasing Otomo no Sadehiko's ship. There is a boulder here in which the footprints of Princess Sayo can still be seen. There are many other places in Karatsu city with connections to Princess Sayo, such as Tajima Shrine in Yobiko town, etc. There is also a poem written by famous Japanese poet, Yamanoue no Okura, in Manyoshu about the legend of Princess Sayo. At the top of Mount Kagami, there is a look-out, rest area, and open grass area. The summit is also famous for sakura cherry blossoms, azaleas and other flowers. Also known as the mecca of hang gliding, these days people also participate in paragliding from the mountain's top. With a wide, open sky above and beautiful sea below, the gliders look like they are enjoying themselves to the fullest as they soar through the air.


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