Kannon Falls

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Kannon Falls


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Kannon Falls is located in Nanayama, Karatsu city, around midway upstream of Taki River, a subsidiary of Tamashima River. It is 45 meters high and 10 meters across. The ferociousness of the water as it roars down the cliff has earned it the name of "Ototaki", or "Man Falls". This magnificent waterfall and the 2 kilometer or so gorge around it is the migration route of Cherry trout, etc. Beside the waterfall is a "Namame Kannon" enshrinement, and it is said that eye-related ailments can be cured by washing one's eyes in the water of the pool here. Kannon Falls is the convergence point of 8 waterfalls and pools connected by streams. These are the "Kigakure-no-Fuchi" (tree hiding pool), where the trees grow as if to hide the river from the walking track, "Seijaku-no-Fuchi" (silent pool), a quietly-flowing dark blue pool, "Kiyome-no-Fuchi" (cleansing pool), with beautiful autumn leaves and where people cleanse their hands before praying at Fukuju Temple, "Okumezura-no-Fuchi", whose name comes from Okumezura Gorge, which was named by the 5th village leader, Haruyoshi Miyoshino, Sagiri-no-Taki, where the camellia bushes grow in clusters, the water sounds fierce and the spray is like vapor, and finally "Shiroginu-no-Taki", (white silk falls), which covers the boulders in a glittering curtain of silver as though it was a piece of white silk. Each of these 8 waterfalls and pools are a spectacular sight to behold. This area is also famous as a wild bird oasis, home to the River Kingfisher, Wagtail and more. Kannon Falls has been chosen as one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls. International Shower Climbing in Nanayama is held in August, and the otherwise quiet gorge becomes abuzz with the sounds of the many participants.


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