Animal Photos that Zookeepers Took!

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Please visit the facebook page:
The photos that only zookeepers could have taken are exhibited on the facebook.
Note: The volunteer activity “SAZANBOS” has been in hiatus, meaning they are
not doing the volunteer activities now. I checked it on Friday, 24 June 2016. It’ll be
announced in monthly Sasebo Newsletter when they restart the activities.

The Original Post Cards and Magnets are for Sale
Now the amazing photos of zoo animals and plants are printed on magnets and post
cards. Original magnets are 14 different pieces (Y394 each), and post cards are 20
different pieces (Y108 each).
Note: The nursing room is available in the zoo. The facility is for parents with babies.
The facility has a nursing room to change diapers and feed babies. Please refrain from
bringing your pets to the zoo.

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