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1252-13 Hirose-ko Nishimatsura-gun, Saga, Japan 849-4152


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Sconnie Sailor is a highly rated moving company in Sasebo.  Prices are reasonable, and service is dependable.  This company should be your first choice when exploring moving companies in Sasebo.


From Sconnie Sailor's Facebook Page: "One of the most frequently asked questions is “why I started this business” to begin with. It’s a great question which often leads to an engaging conversation. Without saying, the sole purpose of a business is to generate a profit, but that’s not why I do this.

It also isn’t because I like time away from home, popping Motrin like tic-tacs or risking liability being a sole proprietor. When I was first asked this question, why am I starting a moving business, I was surprised at how instinctive my response was:
Because I wanted to show my two boys that it’s okay to work.
Everything else stems from that one line directly above. I regret not learning a trade as a boy. That ship might have sailed already. I regret not learning to be financially literate too. I regret that there aren’t callouses on my hands, and my children would grow up believing that their Papa worked.
Yes, I have a day job, and it’s in the world’s finest Navy. I work in a pharmacy, not exactly the most blue-collar job out there. I’ve always admired and respected the salt of the Earth folks out there who know what it means to truly earn their paycheck. In a roundabout way, that is why I am doing this job.


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